Phonics help for young or struggling readers

You're into your first or maybe even second week of teaching your child at home due to COVID-19 lockdown. Great job!!! I'm proud of you! You're figuring it all out! Now after a day or two, you're realizing your child doesn't know the letter sounds or possibly is struggling with sounding out unfamiliar words. This … Continue reading Phonics help for young or struggling readers

Funny little things

Sometimes it's funny little things that spark memories in our minds. I am in the process of figuring out what the state department of education needs to add a special education certificate to my existing licensure. I've uploaded transcripts from getting my masters in it, a letter of eligibility from the university I attended, test … Continue reading Funny little things

Gramma would have loved this

I am currently in the last semester of getting my masters in special education. That entails field experience which means I take my lunch hour once or twice a week to work with students at a local school (because while it's okay to get the degree from an online college, it's not okay to teach … Continue reading Gramma would have loved this

I passed my test!!!

I started on my master's degree on October 1, 2017.  I have had my teaching certificate (to teach general education, any subject, grades 1-8) since 1996, but I have always thought about making the move to teaching special ed, and when my school sent out an email last spring to ask if there were any … Continue reading I passed my test!!!