My COVID19 vaccine- Day 3 update

Sunday, 2/7/2021 – There’s truly not much to say about this today. It’s been 48.5 hours since I received the COVID19 vaccine, and I had no more arm soreness at all as of this morning. I am running a slight fever now though but honestly wouldn’t have known except that Ted touched my face and said I “felt hot” (the thermometer showed my temp as 100.2). I feel perfectly fine and comfortable.

Maybe shot two is when I get the nanobots or the GPS microchip or my DNA mutated…??? Dang it. I was really looking forward to being the new Bionic Woman or sprouting extra arms to help me clean faster. Oh well – only 19 more days until I get my second dose so there’s hope yet, right? LOL

In all seriousness, I hope these three posts have alleviated concerns people may have about side effects from getting this vaccine. Please get this if able and help stop the spread of this deadly disease that has killed so many people worldwide.

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