5 thoughts on “A little peek…

      • Oh that’s so cool! What is your experience with raising full breeding flocks? I am kind of considering it for next year if I end up with roosters from a straight run. Is there a fear of cross breeding? Are roosters only good for one season?


      • Our experience has been really good with running roosters and hens together. We don’t worry about cross-breeding (do you mean different breeds breeding?). All our chickens – both roosters and hens – are good for their entire lives. Older birds teach younger birds what they need to know: where to find the tastiest treats in the yard, what different vocalizations mean, that strange dogs are dangerous, that our dogs are protectors, where to lay eggs, where to set a clutch of eggs, etc. Older roosters keep cocky young roosters in check, too. This has been our experience over the years. Good luck with your chickens!

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      • I should have used more appropriate terms – I was thinking more linebreeding (intentional inbreeding for genetic purposes). Do you worry much about the eggs you eat versus the eggs for hatching? Or how does that process work if you don’t mind me asking?


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