My COVID19 2nd vaccine – Day 1

I got my second dose of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine yesterday afternoon at 5:30.  Again, the shot itself didn’t hurt; it was just a little stick and that’s all I felt. Again, they had me stay a little while longer than normal because of my Dad having so many allergies, and again, I had no reaction.

Driving home, my neck started to feel a little stiff (sort of like when you sleep on it wrong and then it just aches the next day), but honestly, I’d spent 90 minutes in my classroom bent over with my neck craned in various sideways positions while taping and painting my file cabinet front so it could’ve just been from that.

I did feel tired and wound up going to bed about 8:30pm, and I was out…but that could have just been end-of-the-week-teacher-tired!

I woke up this morning after a solid 13 hours of sleep, and I am wide awake. My arm isn’t too sore other than a little spot that sort of pulls when I swing my arm backward, and I feel fine. I have NONE of the side effects – no nausea, no headache, no fatigue, no muscle aches, etc. – I have NONE of the side effects I was so worried about because everyone online keeps posting how bad this second shot made them feel. I wish more people who had no side effects would’ve posted, too! I wouldn’t have been as worried!

I will post updates in new blog posts over the next two days just to let folks know in case I do develop side effects, but at this point (17 hours after getting the second shot), I’m not experiencing any so am hopeful that I won’t at all.

I just want to close with this: even though people were posting their miserable two days of side effects after the second dose, they all ended by saying the same thing – two days of side effects is nothing compared to a severe case of COVID19, hospitalization, and being intubated. I agree with that statement wholeheartedly, and even though I was worried and, quite frankly, a little scared, I took the second dose anyway because I do not want to be hospitalized and intubated, and I do not want to be responsible for possibly spreading this virus to my students, family, friends, and neighbors.

When you get the chance to take the COVID19 vaccine, please do so.

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