Friday is a terror. I know she doesn’t look like it, but she IS.

See that toy under her? We have to hide it at night or else she runs all over the house with it, dragging it from one room to another, over and over and over.

She thumps up and down the stairs with it, hoping to get Libya or Daisy to play with her or chase her or maybe it’s just to annoy them. Thump! Thump! Thump! This is pretty much all night until we get up, take the toy, and lock it up. She carries it around like a preschooler carries around a lovey.


Friday was especially full of herself this past Tuesday. It snowed so my district called it a remote learning day (meaning we were all completely online for the school day), and Friday was tearing through the house like a maniac when I suddenly heard DG just lose her mind! She chased Friday from the living room through my office and slid to a stop when Friday ran upstairs. Normally, DG is super chill and really could care less what the cats do. Evidently though, Friday smacked her or jumped on her or SOMETHING, and DG just had ENOUGH.

A few minutes later, I heard Libya just losing her mind upstairs. It sounded like the WW3 of cat fights! Ted came out of his office and yelled at the two cats to knock it off, and Friday saucily sauntered to the top of the stairs and flopped, flicking her tail to show her displeasure with everything.

Needless to say, I think we’ve entered the teenage years with this cat. Argh!

Don’t let this innocent face fool ya! She is a TERROR!

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