Friday vs The Stinkbug

"Where is dat crawly ting I just saw?" "Ohhhh! Dare it is!!! It flies!!! It moved lamps" "Ima gitcha nowwww!" AFTERMATH Please note that Friday did NOT "gitcha". As a matter of fact, the stinkbug stayed perfectly still as she swatted at it, and the ensuing lamp falling over made her scramble for cover. She … Continue reading Friday vs The Stinkbug

Tucker feels so much better!

I took all three kittens to the vet this past Monday, and they were diagnosed with a viral infection.  Tucker had it the worst of all three; her poor little eyes were almost continually shut and goopy.  She never played and slept almost 24/7.  The vet gave them all an oral antibiotic and eye drops. … Continue reading Tucker feels so much better!