Eating healthier becoming easier

I used to spend hours at the grocery store, trying to read every label,  trying to avoid GMOs, preservatives, and additives.  It got a little easier as time went on because I figured out which items were staples for my cart and what I could substitute in recipes for certain ingredients.  Then the non GMO Verified Project label started to show up, and that made it easier.


I was thrilled when Kroger introduced their “Simple Truth” brand.  The items are organic and free from 100 additives and preservatives that are commonly used in other foods.  This made it easier to shop because this brand is very affordable and comparable in price.


I was pumped a couple of months ago when our local Kroger reorganized their store, and we got two aisles of organic items instead of just a tiny little section like before.  This made it faster to shop because most of the boxed and canned items I buy consistently are now in one area of the store.

I was absolutely elated last week, though, when I popped into Kroger and found a huge display of Simple Truth breads, salsas, chips, and snack foods set up in the middle of the floor between the deli, bakery, and meat department.  There was no missing it; it was really a pretty set-up which looked like a little market stall.  I loved seeing people stop to look over the items and prices, and lots of them were putting organic items into their carts.  I was in and out with groceries for four days in twenty minutes.

More and more people are realizing that we are what we eat, and more and more people are demanding better choices in food.  More and more families are cooking at home from scratch – not from opening a box and sliding it into the microwave.

It’s getting easier and easier to shop for better food now.  There are a lot of people who don’t have access to local farmers without driving a long distance or who lose access to local farmers several months a year when the farmers’ market closes each fall.  I applaud Kroger for listening to what consumers are telling the store. 

Well done, Kroger!

PS. If you’re trying to eat healthier, the easiest step is don’t go for the boxed items (even if they use the words “natural” or “healthy” on the package).  Instead, shop the perimeter of the store and avoid the interior aisles.  If you have to get some boxed or canned items, look for the nonGMO Project Verified items and organic items.  Always read the labels and avoid anything with synthetic ingredients if possible.  Know that canola oil is one of the highly processed oils and that virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil are far better choices.

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