My country girl list

This started as a comment on a Facebook post (one of those “What I want from my husband” posts that I responded to).

First, let me say to the men, ” Do NOT pay attention to those stupid commercials where the jewelry makes the female human/penguin/whatever soooo happy!”  We’re not all like that.

If you have a practical country girl, let me do a list for you:

1. Buckets. They’re always missing when I need one to haul feed, milk, scraps, etc.  Get several good ones in bright colors so they are easily found in the grass and pasture.

2.  Leads for the cattle because these always get lost, too

3.  Set up the fence wire I’ve been wanting for a couple of months but can’t find time to run – and hook up the charger to it. Do it just like I want (even if the layout makes no sense to you – I have a plan!).

4.  BOOTS!  Muck boots, rain boots, and cowgirl boots. I want them all.

5.  A good set of kitchen knives

6.  A new phone case that can handle farm life

7.  Two raincoats (so I can wash the muddy one and have one to wear while it dries)

8.  A water tank warmer because busting ice is hard when it’s daily

9.  200′ of cloth hoses that can fit in one of the above buckets – no more frozen busted hoses! Yay!

10.  A date with my husband to go to the auction, have dinner, and see a new movie


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