Great-Grandma’s old table gets a new purpose

Practicing self-isolation to flatten the curve of COVID-19 is working out well for our farm; we’re getting all sorts of things finished on our weekends and some in the evenings after working from home all day!  While Ted worked all weekend on the new coop (here and here), I undertook a few small projects of my own. First on my list was cleaning up my Great-Grandma’s old porcelain-topped table; it’s an Appalachian thing to use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without, and that has really served our community well while it feels like the rest of the world is falling apart. I’ve had this thing on the front porch for ages (Gramma Izzie gave it to me forever ago – it was her Mom’s kitchen work table that Great-Grandma did all of her canning and cooking on), but since starting the self-isolating/stay at home order, there’s no longer the convenience of running down to the gas station or the grocery store every time we run out of milk, bread, etc. I plan and plan and plan some more before every grocery order to make sure I don’t forget anything, but I’m still baking bread almost every single day. My poor kitchen table has been a hot-spot (ie: dumping ground) for almost a month, and I knew I simply had to get it under control. I was using the table for gardening, cooking, baking, schoolwork, and crafting – and it was a big mess.

Step 1: clean off the kitchen table and find a home for everything. Step 2: realize the baking supplies have no home in the kitchen so figure out a solution (Great-Grandma’s table to the rescue!)

I think the rust is what’s holding the base together…

I cleaned the base and then dug around in the spray paint basket in the closet (again – can’t just run to the store to grab some so had to use what was on hand), and I found two cans of spray paint that I felt would match the kitchen.

I got to work painting the base, and I had to fight with the spray paint cans as they were a couple of years old and didn’t want to cooperate. I won!

My baking station

I moved the base inside, got the tabletop cleaned and bleached (it was outside for a long time so was pretty dirty), and I re-purposed a couple of glass canisters to hold flour and sugar and added the bowl I’ve been using to proof the bread dough. I think it fits in quite well with Mamma Hazel’s old kitchen cabinet and the old gas stove Ted bought me at an auction last year! The best part is that these things are all functional parts of my kitchen!

As always – Stay home, stay safe, and flatten the curve, America!

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