Kitchen tip

Today’s tip: wash out your spaghetti sauce jars and soak the labels off. Use the jars to store uncooked spaghetti!

Each jar holds 1 lb of spaghetti!

There are two reasons for this: 1) if you’re buying more pasta than normal, then any mice nearby may find and chew right through the boxes (I swear they can smell pasta, cereal, and sweets right through their boxes!), and 2) we’re trying to flatten that curve by making less grocery store trips and this is a fantastic way to keep your extra pasta safe and dry in your kitchen until you get around to using it.

Simply rinse out your pasta jar well, set it in your sink, and fill the sink with hot soapy water (so the entire jar label is submerged). Leave it overnight, and the label will peel off the next morning. Then run the jar and lid through the dishwasher or handwash it. Let it set upside down on a dish towel until the next day so you’re certain it’s completely dried out, and then you can snap a pound of spaghetti in half and stuff it in the jar. It will look like it won’t fit, but it will; just put your hand over the top and give it a few good shakes to get the pasta to fit all the way inside the jar. The last few pieces I sometimes push in two at a time. Then put on the lid and set it in your cabinet. No mice will be able to get to it! Best of all? It doesn’t cost you a penny and keeps the jars out of the landfill.

Note: I wouldn’t use tomato based sauce jars for storing any food but pasta because the lid will still have a faint spaghetti sauce smell. It doesn’t do anything to the pasta stored in the jar, but I figure sugar, flour, etc. would probably take on that smell and mess up recipes. Also, don’t use pickle jars for this! They REALLY keep that pickle smell and would definitely not be good for storing anything but other pickled items.

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