The flock moved to the new coop!

What do we do when we are self-isolating at home due to COVID-19? We work on farm projects like crazy! Ted worked again all day on Sunday and finished the new coop and chicken yard for the flock. Our plan is to fence in a second huge chicken yard by fall so we can rotate the flock year to year so they can create compost and fertilizer as well as till up the ground through their scratching and pecking. We will garden in one yard while they prep the other yard for the following year’s garden.

Ted stringing new fence for part of the chicken yard

The fence was strung and tightened, the old roost was cut apart to fit in the new coop, the pop door was cut out with his chainsaw, and an apple crate nestbox was added – and then it was time to move the flock! They weren’t too happy to be moved, but once they got into their new area, they loved it.

He worked so hard for both days of the weekend and was thrilled to get everyone moved to the new coop!
Part of the flock enjoying some tasty bugs and worms in the shady part of the chicken yard
My favorite view now – I can watch “chicken tv” while doing dishes at the kitchen sink!

Folks, if you can possibly get yourself some chickens, DO IT! They turn kitchen scraps into eggs, and they can be used to till your garden area with a little planning. They’re easy to care for, and they honestly require only a few minutes each morning to feed/water/open their pop door and then gather eggs and lock their pop door each evening. There’s no time like the present to take over at least a small part of your family’s food needs, and chickens are the easiest way to do so. In WW2, every home that could had a little flock, and our government encouraged the citizens to do it. I’m encouraging you to do it now. The taste of those eggs can’t be beat, and there is something so satisfying in caring for your own little flock.

Also, having a way to have your own eggs by simply walking out your own back door is yet another way to keep your grocery trips short, few, and far between. Having chickens is another step toward self-sufficiency.

As always – Stay safe, stay home, and flatten the curve, America!

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