One more step in the right direction

I have such big dreams for our little farm. I foresee workshops and classes to teach others how to can, make cheese, care for chickens so they can raise their own….in short, one of my biggest hopes is not just to connect people to their food but to convince them that they, too, can be self-sufficient.

Over this next week, one more little piece of my overall dream is going to become reality.


This little addition will house my chickens and turkey.   I’ve designed this over and over.   Their enclosed yard will be three times longer and approximately six times wider than their current area.


It will have a big window facing the west so they get all of the afternoon daylight hours.

It will be easy to clean because it’s being built on a cement pad that was poured years ago. 


It will have a big gorgeous roosting bar built high with a droppings board under it for easy additions to the compost pile.  Under that will be nesting boxes with curtains for the girls. A big brooding box will be in the back for any broody hens, and it can double as a grow out pen for chicks.

The front will be a pretty area with a big sand pool for dustbathing during warmer months and a holding area to keep hay bales clean for winter. 


The little house will be my workshop area and summer kitchen, and the same addition will go on the right but will be a greenhouse!

I am over the moon right now watching this one little piece become reality!!!

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