It’s a kitchen day today!

I love what I call my "kitchen days". Those are the times when I spend an entire day in the kitchen, cleaning and cooking/canning/freezing recipes, etc. My happy places are my kitchen, the barn, the local library, any beach by the ocean/sea, Christmas Eve/Morning (wherever the festivities take place), and Disneyworld. And today is a … Continue reading It’s a kitchen day today!

Spaghetti sauce (oh so easy!)

My mother-in-law and father-in-law brought me a box of tomatoes from down on the river over a week ago. The box has been setting on my kitchen table the entire week. I felt guilty every time I looked at it, knowing that the tomatoes were going to get so ripe if I didn't do something … Continue reading Spaghetti sauce (oh so easy!)

Summer break is here!

I'm so happy right now!  My summer break officially starts as of 5pm today!  I never know who's happier about summer vacation...students or teachers (but I have an inkling as to who it is). There are four big home projects on my summer to do list: 1. Finish painting and putting furniture together for Sahara's … Continue reading Summer break is here!

Pickin’ cherries

Sometimes, dropping everything to go pick fresh sour cherries is the exact thing you need to relax. I needed it this afternoon.  I was ready to tear some grade spreadsheets in half (if that could be done to digital spreadsheets).          I really REALLY needed it! I'm so grateful I got to do this with … Continue reading Pickin’ cherries