IT. IS. FIXED!!!!!!


When I remodeled the kitchen a few years ago, I knew that one of the things I wanted was a second dishwasher. I saved money and saved gift cards from Lowe’s, and I spent less than $500 cash on labor and one kitchen cabinet and three countertops. I used my gift cards to buy the extra dishwasher, and it was installed. I was thrilled! 

Unfortunately, my old dishwasher decided to give up the ghost not long after that and I was back to one dishwasher. Everyone always asks me why I need two dishwashers. I need two dishwashers because I like to cook a lot from scratch, and I love to can! Having two dishwashers means no dishes in the sink waiting to go into the dishwasher when it finishes. Other people have said to me that I should just wash the dishes by hand that are extra in the sink. That would be great except for one thing, and that thing is that I hate washing dishes by hand. LOL 

While Ted was on vacation two weeks ago, he called Sears repair and had them send someone out to fix the dishwasher. The repairman figured out the problem, ordered the parts, and came back today and fixed it. I am thrilled beyond belief! I have an entire sink full of dishes, and they are going in that dishwasher just as soon as it goes through one wash cycle so that we make sure that it works properly. It’s going to work though. I have a good feeling about this!

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