This old ironing board

Have you ever heard anyone say, "Things just aren't made like they used to be!"?  It's true.  They really aren't.  How many times have you purchased something, and it ran just fine until the warranty expired - and then it fell apart within a couple of months?  Well meet one of the things I've had … Continue reading This old ironing board

It’s a kitchen day today!

I love what I call my "kitchen days". Those are the times when I spend an entire day in the kitchen, cleaning and cooking/canning/freezing recipes, etc. My happy places are my kitchen, the barn, the local library, any beach by the ocean/sea, Christmas Eve/Morning (wherever the festivities take place), and Disneyworld. And today is a … Continue reading It’s a kitchen day today!

Loving this scent right now!

Morgan and Teddy got this for me as part of my Christmas presents, and I absolutely am loving the scent! It makes the house smell wonderful all the way through the entire downstairs (72 feet long!). It's just right: not overpowering but definitely strong enough to smell it! I've used it all up this past … Continue reading Loving this scent right now!

How different this is compared to 50 years ago

Do you ever stop and think about how different our lives are compared to those of our grandmothers at our same ages? This morning, I: Made coffee using the automatic coffee brewer in under a minute at the push of a button Have lunch (bbq pork for sandwiches) warming in the slow cooker at the … Continue reading How different this is compared to 50 years ago