Making space


I opened this cabinet to make a cup of tea, and it hit me that I don’t really use much of what’s in here anymore. I decided I’d meet my New Years resolution of decluttering seven items weekly to donation or trash by completely going through this cabinet. I also wanted to make a spot for the popcorn maker to get it off the countertop.

I set a 15 minute timer to clear every item out of the cabinet, sorting the things into categories and checking expiration dates as I went. I was shocked by how old some of the stuff was!

Expired Dec. 7, 2013
Expired Aug. 1, 2014

Needless to say, I trashed a ton of stuff! The popcorn maker AND the Instantpot now have a home (and are off the counters!)!


The china was moved to the buffet with the other China.

This all needed moved.
New home in the china buffet

I feel like this was time well spent!

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