I got stuck!

I walked into my classroom at lunch, shut my door, and the doorknob fell off at my feet!

I tried putting it back on, but I still couldn’t open my door. I wound up calling the language arts teacher and saying, “Help! I’m locked INSIDE my classroom!” After my explanation, she had a good laugh and then came down the hall to help me. As long as we both held the interior and exterior doorknobs and turned them at the same time, I was able to open my door. Two other teachers came over (after they had a good laugh as well) and found a magnetic strip on my door frame which, when stuck over the latch, kept the door from clicking locked. It took two custodians to fix my broken door after lunch…and they told me that every teacher who’s ever been assigned to my room always had door troubles as well. The students told me that means my room is haunted because “the building is so old”.

While coming back in after dismissal duty,, I read the plaque in the front hallway,, and evidently the building was built AFTER I was born. Way to make me feel ancient, kids….

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