Setting (SMART) Resolutions

Resolutions are hard to make sometimes. You think of all these things and all of these goals, and sometimes it can seem really overwhelming to do.

This year, my major resolution is to be happy. Now in thinking about that today, I realized that is a really broad statement! How will I simply “be happy”? How will I know I am? How will I reach that goal? I decided to use the SMART* goal strategy to break that broad resolution down into small measurable mini-goals to answer those questions.

*SMART = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely

First, I had to be specific: what makes me happy? I mentally made a list of the things that make me happy in my head. Then, I needed to be realistic so I only kept on the list the things I have direct control over; these also are measurable things. Then, I made sure to set realistic time related parts to each mini-goal. Last, I looked over my list to make sure I chose attainable goals (for example: eating pizza every single day would make me really happy, but that’s not attainable because I want to be healthy, too!).

With all of that said, this is what my finished list of resolutions for 2021 looks like:

  • I will post at least four blog posts or blog pictures per week.
  • I will cook at least three new recipes per week from my “want to make” cooking binder, moving keepers to a new binder and tossing out or reworking flops.
  • I will craft at least one new thing, start to finish, per month.
  • I will declutter seven items per week (with good items going straight to donation).

I think those are some really great resolutions!

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