Today’s to do list

Ted put up six round bales of hay. I didn’t get any pictures because I stayed home and CLEANED for four hours!

Here’s the table. The rest of the two rooms looked just as bad!

I tackled the living room and kitchen: put away all of the clutter, moved furniture, swept, mopped, did all of the dishes, tossed a load of laundry in, hung up a broom holder I’ve had for about 16 months (thanks to Ted for his help on that one – no idea why I procrastinated so long), got the peaches in the fridge, and fixed the latch on the cast iron closet (thanks to Tyler for his help on that one)! Jake was an awesome little gopher and helped put items away where they belonged.

Here’s an after shot of the table!

Now it’s time for a shower and a cup of coffee.

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