Womens’ Right to Vote – A History Lesson on PBS


Women fought for and earned the right to vote 102 years ago. There was a time in my great-grandmothers’ lives when they could NOT vote – which up until this past Friday seemed inconceivable to me and like ancient history. Now?…not so much.

Women, watch this (all episodes are streaming from PBS for free). Learn what our great-grandmothers did, and then think about our daughters right now. What will we say when our granddaughters and great-granddaughters one day ask what we did to fight for reproductive rights, for privacy rights?

Women, VOTE! I will be saying this loudly for the rest of my life – VOTE!!! And talk to everyone you know and encourage them to vote, too! Call your state representatives, too, and let them know we will vote them out of office at the first chance possible if they don’t stay out of our medical decisions!

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