This old ironing board

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Things just aren’t made like they used to be!”?  It’s true.  They really aren’t.  How many times have you purchased something, and it ran just fine until the warranty expired – and then it fell apart within a couple of months?  Well meet one of the things I’ve had that hasn’t ever done that.

I’ve had this old ironing board for years and years.  It’s an antique.  I have no idea how old it truly is, but I know it has to be at least 75 years old if not older.  I think I bought it at a yard sale or a flea market for $10.  It’s been worth every single penny.

Did you ever have an ironing board fall apart at the hinged metal part of the legs?  This will never happen with this ironing board.  I’d literally have to break the legs for this to be rendered unusable.  This is the part on the bottom that catches the legs.  The entire thing is wooden as is the rest of the ironing board other than the nails in it and that little metal bracket that holds the legs together right there and one long wire piece that allows the legs to slide up/down.  I don’t think this ironing board will ever give out.  Ted has used it for over 20 years to iron his clothes; I found an ironing board cover and pad, and we put it on here to use it with the steam iron (it’s off right now as I threw it in the washing machine).

 Neat fact: That is my Pappa Harry Rhodes (when he was a little boy) in that chalk painting.

For now, we don’t have any clothes to iron as we’re not going anywhere due to COVID-19, so I folded the old girl up and stuck her in the closet.  She will come back out once the shutdown is over, and we can go places again.  I’ll never get rid of her though – she’s irreplaceable! If you ever get the chance to buy one of these vintage ironing boards, definitely do it.  They’re fantastic and will last forever!

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