A little spray paint makes a big difference!

Last week, I grabbed the spray paint and headed outside to work on some yard furniture.  Gramma Izzie gave me this little table and chairs set when she got a new set for her back patio, and I've had it for over a year and meant to paint it but just never got around to … Continue reading A little spray paint makes a big difference!

Coffee and chickens

Every morning, I have a fairly set schedule: Get up Let Smidge out Unload the dishwasher Load the dishwasher Start the coffeemaker Feed and water the living room chicks Check the incubators' humidity and add water if needed Let the chickens out Feed and water the outside chickens and chicks Feed the dogs Feed the … Continue reading Coffee and chickens

Best fertilizer around

We expanded the pig pasture to include the hens' pasture last year in September when we brought the pigs home.  It was somewhat grown up and covered in patches of daisy-like wildflowers, and there was some grass, but there were bare patches, too. By February, the pigs had cleared the entire thing; it looked like … Continue reading Best fertilizer around

In my living room right now…

My first official day off was Friday which is always spent just vegging out on the couch, binge watching tv and movies.  That morning, I found this newly hatched little chick in the coop along with two others (who didn't make it). The other chicks (two weeks old) and the three mama hens were horrible … Continue reading In my living room right now…