In my living room right now…

My first official day off was Friday which is always spent just vegging out on the couch, binge watching tv and movies.  That morning, I found this newly hatched little chick in the coop along with two others (who didn’t make it). The other chicks (two weeks old) and the three mama hens were horrible to this one, pecking it and stepping on it and throwing it around so I had to rescue it. Unfortunately, this meant I was the only flock this little one had, and it cried incessantly when I was out of sight so the chick chilled with me all day on the couch.

On Saturday, Ted, Teddy, and I went to Rural King to get it some friends. I’m pretty “country”, but I draw the line at giving a chick free roam of the kitchen and living room (that just cannot be sanitary!).  We came home with six little friends for it, and now it’s happy all the time!  It still loves me and likes watching tv with me though…

…and they can all watch tv through the holes in their laundry basket in the living room!

One thought on “In my living room right now…

  1. Aww, the poor baby. Chickens can be vicious! I know what you mean about chickens “free ranging” in the house. I don’t think it would be sanitary either. My daughter and I have had some serious discussions about why we don’t set the wounded chicken down on the kitchen counter on the towel where I drain the dishes!


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