Best fertilizer around

We expanded the pig pasture to include the hens’ pasture last year in September when we brought the pigs home.  It was somewhat grown up and covered in patches of daisy-like wildflowers, and there was some grass, but there were bare patches, too.

By February, the pigs had cleared the entire thing; it looked like a mud pit, and Ted bemoaned the fact that I had “ruined the yard” by allowing pigs in it.  I told him repeatedly that I was assured by other pastured pig farmers that the pasture would spring back to life come summer.

Here’s what it looks like today:

We planted nothing at all in here.  Whatever this is (I’m assuming it’s from the hay and grains we fed the pigs all winter), it is HUGE (as in at least four feet high)!  Oh, and there are volunteer pumpkins in there from where I fed the pigs donated pumpkins daily for about three months; we can see the orange blossoms here and there, low to the ground.

I want to say, “I told you so”, but I won’t…

Who am I kidding? I told you so, Ted! Too bad we can’t feed pigs pennies; I bet that poop could grow money trees if it was possible!

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