Visiting buddy


Just about every morning, we get a visit from our little buddy who lives down the driveway, across the road, and up the next big hill.  He makes the short trek over just so he can pee on my farm truck tires, sniff noses (and butts) with DG and Puppers, and have a drink from the washtub.  He’s a funny little dog, and he doesn’t chase the cats or the chickens so I don’t worry about it too much (especially since my dogs are all spayed so there’s no chance of puppies!).

He has a little chihuahua friend who hasn’t ever made it further than our cattle pasture fence line one time (and Ted saw him and took him home because he said he was afraid he’d get hit – I think Ted was afraid I’d want to keep the chihuahua!).  I haven’t ever seen the chihuahua (only heard about him from Sahara and Jake).

This little guy has made it about half a mile down the road before; a neighbor posted on her Facebook that she’d found the dog and was trying to find out who he belonged to.  I let Gramma Izzie know, and within a few minutes, the guy across the hill showed up and had this little guy back.


Evidently though, he’s a wanderer.  He loves to visit everyone.  I’m really tempted to staple a note to his collar to let the owners know that when he disappears every morning, it’s because he’s over here to say hello to the ladies (and my farm truck tires).

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