A little spray paint makes a big difference!

Last week, I grabbed the spray paint and headed outside to work on some yard furniture.  Gramma Izzie gave me this little table and chairs set when she got a new set for her back patio, and I’ve had it for over a year and meant to paint it but just never got around to it.  I went through all kinds of color schemes in my head, and I finally settled on bright and bold because I want to set this around the pool and make a few other things in a little tiki theme to go with it all.

Here are the before pictures:

0620171416 (1)  0620171428_HDR

And here are the after pictures:

0620171416_HDR  0620171444

I LOVE the bright glossy blue color!  I am not so happy with the pink.  I love the color itself, but it just isn’t as glossy and shiny as the blue so now I’m going to have to grab some type of clear glossy sealant and spray the table with that.

Here are the paints I used (one can of blue per chair and one can of pink for the table):


Now to decide on a color for the little yard sale fire stove I picked up and find the umbrella I’m picturing in my mind and sew some comfy seat cushions, and this will be ready to use for summer picnics by the pool!

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