The eclipse is coming!

This has been a topic of great discussion in our household over the past couple of weeks.  I honestly feel like it’s like Game of Thrones, and he’s yelling, “Winter is coming!!!” every time he says, “The eclipse is coming!!!” LOL.

Jake is all about anything that is related to space, so he is all over this. He’s so serious about it that I am literally just waiting to find out if anything will be done at his school for the eclipse, and if not, I’m going to pull him out at lunch time so he’ll be able to watch the whole thing from here. You can take a look at this link and type in your ZIP code to find out how much of the sun will be covered in your area of the United States.
Even though we will only get the partial eclipse here, a good portion of the sun will be covered! Do you have any fun things planned for your kids and yourself for this eclipse? Jake is really excited about it!

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