I miss homeschooling so much!

I love my job.  I love teaching second graders, and I am really loving learning how to work in multiple ways to meet the different educational needs of special education students this school year. I sometimes am hit right in the face with how much I loved and miss homeschooling my kids, though!  Today, I … Continue reading I miss homeschooling so much!

The eclipse is coming!

This has been a topic of great discussion in our household over the past couple of weeks.  I honestly feel like it's like Game of Thrones, and he's yelling, "Winter is coming!!!" every time he says, "The eclipse is coming!!!" LOL. Jake is all about anything that is related to space, so he is all … Continue reading The eclipse is coming!

Fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory 

This was my favorite part of the Franklin Conservatory field trip; I love fairy gardens, and these take them to a whole new level!   I found it so interesting that they utilized broken items to house the fairy gardens, and they all worked together so well! I'm hoping to put a few together this … Continue reading Fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory