Fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory 

This was my favorite part of the Franklin Conservatory field trip; I love fairy gardens, and these take them to a whole new level!  

I found it so interesting that they utilized broken items to house the fairy gardens, and they all worked together so well!

I’m hoping to put a few together this summer from little bits of old junk I have stashed around here and there on the farm.

Some of them were themed.  This beach one in a giant cracked “seashell” (maybe an old bathroom sink bowl?) was particularly cute!

This one was made in an old Coleman cooler!

Look how this little tree and bush house this tiny fairy!

This was a large fairy garden, and it was housed in an old trunk 

This one used an old Red Flyer wagon.

This one was made from broken terra cotta pots.

This one was in an old wash tub (I have tons of these around here!).

There was an entire section dedicated to these fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory.  If you get the chance, definitely go, and take your kids!  Sahara and Jake loved this field trip and said they learned so much!

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