Ted ran upstairs this morning, and he told me he could hear one of our cows carrying on down around the barn while he was stringing fence for the new pig pasture. He said he was going to run down and look. Ten minutes later he called me from his cell phone and said that Belle had her calf, and it looked like it was doing fine except that there were tons of flies already trying to get all over it.

Belle with her newborn calf

He spent a few minutes making sure that Belle was okay with him going near her new calf, and once she let him know that she was okay with it, he picked up the little calf and took it to the barn. He ran up the hill and grabbed some fly strips that we sometimes hang up in the chicken coop to try to keep the flies away from the new baby, but he realized when he got the baby into the barn that the flies didn’t follow. Belle went inside with her baby, and Ted left them alone to bond while he worked on the fence a little more.

Belle and her newborn before Ted moved them to the barn

Christine called us about 11 and let us know that our hay was loaded on the hay wagon and ready to pick up, so we grabbed the truck and headed down there. When we got back, I noticed that Tilly was standing in the run in shelter and seemed to be looking a little funny. I told Ted that I thought she might be in labor but I wasn’t sure. Lo and behold, ten minutes later while he was unloading the hay from the hay wagon, Tilly walked out of the run-in shed, and she was definitely in labor!

Tilly in labor

I told Ted, and then I immediately called over to Gramma’s house because she just loves Tilly. I swear I think Tilly is her favorite cow. Hope got Gramma up and situated at her bedroom window so she could watch Tilly give birth. Tilly had put herself down in the sacrifice pad area near Gramma’s bedroom window, so Gramma had a good spot to watch her.

Tilly in active labor

Pretty soon, Uncle Ralph came over and started watching, and Hope came over and started videotaping with Gramma’s iPad. Someone going down the road on a mini tractor was just watching for all it was worth as he went by, so I waved at him and then motioned that he could come over and watch if he wanted to, but he laughed and shook his head no. That’s too bad. This is the kind of stuff that I absolutely love to share with other people!

Eventually, Tilly got tired of being on exhibition, so she decided to go hide away behind the barn for some privacy. Ted and I left to return the hay wagon to Christine, and Hope and Ralph went home. Ted and I ran on into town and grabbed a sandwich through the drive-thru, and when we got back we went straight behind the barn to take a look at Tilly. She had just had her baby!

Tilly with her newborn calf

We are absolutely thrilled that both Belle and Tilly had their calves on the same day! It is a gorgeous 74 degrees with a beautiful blue sky day for births on the farm!

We still don’t know if they had boys or girls, but we will check when we get them all in the barn this evening. Right now, they are both having bonding time with their mothers!

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