Blackberry-strawberry jam

This is the best recipe EVER for jam!  I made it in February 2013, and I didn’t make near enough of it then.  This year, I’m planning to make a LOT!


A shot of the blackberry strawberry jam I made in February 2013

Here are my notes from that recipe session (Hitchhiking to Heaven is credited with this recipe – check it out on that blog because there’s great pics to go step by step with it):

2.5 lbs sugar, 1 lb, puréed strawberries, 3 lbs blackberries (I mashed them with a potato masher), and 4 Tbl fresh squeezed lemon juice. Cook over medium until well mixed then bring to rolling boil and boil 25 minutes (20 was too short to make it jammy). Jar and process ten minutes for half pints and fifteen for pints in a hot water bath.

This can also be made into pie filling:

The pie filling was this exact recipe except use 5 Tbl lemon juice, don’t crush the blackberries, and only boil it for ten minutes. Cold pack the quart jars with whole fresh berries, then pour the sauce over it all. Make sure all air bubbles are out. Process 20 minutes in a hot water bath.  NOTE: freeze it because this is my own way of making it, and I don’t know if it’s safe if preserved by canning.

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