Summer break is here!

I’m so happy right now!  My summer break officially starts as of 5pm today!  I never know who’s happier about summer vacation…students or teachers (but I have an inkling as to who it is).

There are four big home projects on my summer to do list:

1. Finish painting and putting furniture together for Sahara’s new room (she’s switching to an empty bedroom in the house).
2.  Turn Sahara’s old bedroom into a functional craft room (this project will take the most time because the room needs emptied, and I need to go through my craft room items to either keep or donate, one by one).
3.  Turn the old craft room into a dining room which entails ripping out the carpet and installing either tile or hardwood or laminate flooring and moving a couple of pieces of furniture into it.
4.  Fencing the backyard with a picket fence.

There are two big farm projects on my list:

1. Having a big area fenced in bigger and better for this fall’s pigs (due to arrive in September).
2.  Bessie will have her calf mid-June to mid-August so a pen needs built for that time to keep Bindi away from the new calf until we see how she reacts to it.

I also have a list of food projects that I need to complete (every summer/fall):
1. Tomatoes – salsa, sauce, stewed (canned)
2.  Green beans (canned)
3.  Strawberry blackberry jam (canned)
4.  Pickles (canned)
5.  Zucchini bread loaves (frozen)

With that all written down, I must say that I feel a little like Martha!

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