Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face


After Ronnie loaded up Beef,  we hitched up our little trailer and headed for his big farm to get our trade: an eight month old Charlois heifer!


We had to wait until Ronnie got there, and then Ted and Ronnie herded her into the barnyard and then the barn…


Barn cat hanging out at Ronnie’s


…and then they herded her down the chute inside the barn and into our trailer!  We shook Ronnie’s hand and headed home with the start of our beef herd!


She spent the night at the house (in the trailer – I did NOT bring the calf inside), and then we put her in the paddock with Bessie and Bindi Friday morning.


Bessie and Bindi were so excited and curious about the new addition. They followed her at a fast paced trot all over the place as she zipped around, figuring out where the fence boundaries were.


Meet Chantilly Lace, the start of Ted’s beef herd!

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