Turkey gets “her” babies

On April 28th, Ted went by Rural King on the way home from work and picked up four turkey poults. One of the turkeys went broody a few weeks back and set a nest of chicken eggs. Unfortunately, we think her temperature was high, and so she actually just spoiled the eggs instead of getting … Continue reading Turkey gets “her” babies

Working birds

        Front flowerbed workers The birds just love the gorgeous weather, and they especially love it when I lock the big dogs inside and let them have the run of the entire property.  I like letting them roam completely free because they dig through the dead leaves and practically mulch them for me.  Slacker is … Continue reading Working birds

Blueberries are soooo good!

I have wanted blueberry bushes forever for our farm. I finally decided that this is the year to plant them. We bought one from Rural King, and it is an Elliott blueberry bush. We are going to buy two more of a different variety from Tractor Supply this weekend and get those planted as well.  … Continue reading Blueberries are soooo good!