Little farm boy

We came late to the farming venture.  Our kids are now 25, 21 1/2, 16 1/2, and 9 1/2 years old.  We always had some chickens scratching around and sometimes a goat, but Jake is the only one that’s grown up with pretty much all of these farm animals constantly around…and he loves them all.

His favorite has to be chickens though (he’s just like his Daddy who also prefers poultry!).  Every time we go to the movies, Jake brings home our leftover popcorn for the birds.  On Father’s Day, we got back home while it was still daylight, and the chickens were all still pecking around in the front yard (see why the chickens are currently roaming free here).

Jake hens 3

It didn’t take them long to hear him calling to them…

Jake hens 2

…not long…

Jake hens

…at all!  Soon he was surrounded by all our birds, and he loved it!  Nobody ever pecks him (and he knows better than to stick his hand into a nest with a hen on it so even the setting hens never bother him).  He says he loves his birds.  When he had friends over from school who had never been to the house before, he took them right into the hen house and showed them how to collect eggs (and then they all wanted scrambled eggs from those fresh eggs for a snack – too cute!).  He showed them how to pet the turkeys and avoid their rumps (so the friends didn’t get turkey poo on them – one has amazing aim!!! LOL).

He says when he grows up that he’s going to “run this place”. Of course, he also says he’s going to design robots for NASA like the Mars Rover (so this might just be a vacation gig for him here).  LOL

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