Morgan graduated!!!


Gramma Izzie, Morgan, and Grandma Rita Wiseman

Last week on Friday, our daughter in law graduated from cosmetology school!  We are so proud of her!  She put in over 1500 hours to get certified in Ohio (in comparison, kids in Ohio who attend public school only go 920 hours).

Before she went to do this, we all had no idea the amount of time and work it takes to become certified to cut hair and provide spa services in Ohio.  For instance, she had to learn all the nerves in the hands and face (there are a LOT in case you are wondering!).

She spent six days a week during this past school year to get to her dream of doing this, and she is now graduated and on her way!  If anybody needs a great hair stylist, she will be at Fantastic Sam’s locally so be sure to ask for her when you go in there starting in July (stylists must work under somebody for at least a year before they can open their own salons in Ohio – did you know that?) for at least the next twelve months.  You can reach her on her Facebook page (Beauty by Morgan)!


Mother Emily Wiseman, Morgan, Grandpa Dale Wiseman

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