If you give a woman a chicken…

…she’ll realize she needs a chicken coop.

If she builds the chicken coop, she’ll realize that it needs painted.

If she paints it, she’ll need brushes and rollers and more paint so she’ll go to the store.

At the store she’ll remember she needs milk and seeing those jugs of milk will make her wish she had her own dairy animal so she’ll go to the flea market to buy goats.

At the flea market she’ll get goats and when she gets home she’ll realize she needs a fence for the goats.

The fence for the goats will remind her she could have a cow in that fence too.

She’ll get the cow at the next flea market and seeing it will remind her she’s out of milk again so she’ll head to the store to get some…

…and chances are, she’ll see the eggs at the store and be convinced she needs “just one more chicken!”

Please note no more chickens were actually purchased in the fun writing of this little story based on Laura Jaffe Numerous ‘ s “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” book. 🙂

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