$2 Toolbox

Every single time I have a job around the farm to do, I spend at least 30 minutes (or more!) locating the tools I need to do it. Ted swears I leave tools everywhere,  but that’s not true. I know it’s him (and the kids)!

I found a toolbox a local man was selling (he had several), and I knew with a little spray paint and some TLC that it would be awesome.

It was a dull dark camo green with bits of rust here and there. It was beat up and scratched and just terrible looking.  It had been used a LOT by the previous owner.

I forgot to take before pics. You’ll have to use your imagination. 


A good soak and two coats of spray paint later, and I have myself a cute toolbox for my heavier jobs!


Look inside at the surprise color on the tray. That burst of sunny yellow is so cheerful!


I gathered up the small hand tools and sorted them.


I am using my old tool bag as my small in house projects bag. I’ll use it for fixing my glasses and hanging pictures and curtain rods, etc.


This is the paint I used. The blue color is the same brand. I found this at Walmart, and it’s about $3.50/can. This toolbox took less than half a can of each.


I’m very happy with my little tool box project and think it turned out nicely! I showed my older daughter who thought I was going to open it up to have Christmas ornaments in it. LOL She just gave me a great idea for a Christmas toolbox, and now I’m watching yard sales for another one I can fix up for that purpose!!! 🙂

Remember to look past what something looks like on the surface to what you know it can look like with a little sweat equity from you!

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