Little explorer

Lucy isn’t afraid of anything in the world except party horns (on New Years Eve). 

She isn’t afraid of the dogs; she jumped on a sleeping Puppers and then fought her, standing on her hind legs, all the way across the living room when Puppers let her know she didn’t appreciate being woken up so rudely. I had to break that fight up before one of them hurt the other. 

She isn’t afraid of the other cats (inside or outside).  She performs aerial assaults on Daisy and chases the outside cats across the porch.

She isn’t afraid of cars (but at least she’s smart enough to go back inside the fenced yard when I go near the vehicle – another reason we think she was dumped on our farm from a truck).

She isn’t afraid of any person either.  She climbs up our legs, claims our laps, sleeps in our beds, and basically torments us nonstop for food of every type.


Today, we found out she’s also not afraid of heights.  She raced out the door when I was letting the dogs out, and when I ran out on the porch after her, she jumped on the porch railing and flung herself from the railing to the dogwood tree like a flying squirrel.  She wouldn’t come down for anything.  I ran in and slipped on shoes and grabbed the catfood jar, and I found her on the porch roof, peeking over its edge at me, when I went right back outside. 

Jake wanted to call the fire department to save her. LOL


Everybody else (birds, dogs, other cats) gathered near the tree to watch the spectacle rescue.  The chickens were especially interested, but I think they just hoped I’d drop the jar of catfood.  They like love inhale catfood. 


After a few minutes of letting her climb around up there, I shook the food jar, and she eventually climbed back down into the tree low enough that I could grab her and bring her back inside.


She’s a brave little cat!  I told you – she’s not afraid of anything!!!

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