Turkey gets “her” babies

On April 28th, Ted went by Rural King on the way home from work and picked up four turkey poults. One of the turkeys went broody a few weeks back and set a nest of chicken eggs. Unfortunately, we think her temperature was high, and so she actually just spoiled the eggs instead of getting them to hatch.  They were starting to smell so I knew I had to get them out from underneath her.


Thank goodness she is not a mean turkey when she setting on eggs! It’s a little different taking eggs from a setting turkey then it is from setting hen. The turkey was right at eye level with me when I knelt down to get the eggs, but she just kept pipping at me and being upset because I was taking the eggs. Then we popped four babies under her and waited to see what she would do

At first, we thought we were going to have to take them back out and put them in the broody house, but then she settled down and three of them went up under her. We moved her to the other side of the coop with the meat birds (who are just the sweetest things ever by the way – wish I could find a type of hen that has that personality all the time because I would keep them!).


After a little while, three of the chicks were under her and happy, and she was settled in for the night with them.


Of course, there’s always that one problem child…LOL

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