Summer break is here!

I'm so happy right now!  My summer break officially starts as of 5pm today!  I never know who's happier about summer vacation...students or teachers (but I have an inkling as to who it is). There are four big home projects on my summer to do list: 1. Finish painting and putting furniture together for Sahara's … Continue reading Summer break is here!

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

After Ronnie loaded up Beef,  we hitched up our little trailer and headed for his big farm to get our trade: an eight month old Charlois heifer! We had to wait until Ronnie got there, and then Ted and Ronnie herded her into the barnyard and then the barn... Barn cat hanging out at Ronnie's … Continue reading Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

Bad dogs and dumb chickens

These are bad dogs (sometimes).  They're usually great, but every spring, they hear the call of the wild and go into straight up wolf mode, killing any chicken that gets outside the chicken yard. Last week, they killed three. They don't even eat them; they just break their necks and leave them near the fence … Continue reading Bad dogs and dumb chickens

This little piggy went to market

Well, not to market - to be processed. A reality show crew should have taped us last night. Ratings would have been super high, and people would have laughed and laughed. Ted took scraps into the trailer, and Bitsy went right in there. Dixie took a few seconds of coaxing because she just didn't like … Continue reading This little piggy went to market