Bad dogs and dumb chickens


These are bad dogs (sometimes).  They’re usually great, but every spring, they hear the call of the wild and go into straight up wolf mode, killing any chicken that gets outside the chicken yard.

Last week, they killed three. They don’t even eat them; they just break their necks and leave them near the fence like a brutal warning to all the other birds inside.  Yesterday they killed another…and it was Ted’s favorite speckled one.


Today, I flipped the whole thing.  I locked DG and Puppers in the chicken yard and let all the birds loose into the main yard.  Candi over at The Farm Barbie calls this “raising chickens the redneck way” (if you haven’t checked out her blog, you have to do it because she’s hilarious!).


The older birds went straight for my hosta bed by the garage. They know where all the easy bugs hang out. 


The young birds were everywhere…up the driveway,


down into the woods,


around the coop,


under the pickup…


Of course, there’s always one that can’t quite figure out how the others got loose.


This is One Eyed Sally.  She gets around just fine, though!


They’re having fun.  DG and Puppers are mad, but they’re just going to have to learn to stay away from the chickens!

Here’s hoping the young ones can all figure out how to get back to the coop this evening!

I wonder if Martha’s dogs ever go after her hens???  She needs to write an article about THAT in her magazine.

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