This little piggy went to market

Well, not to market – to be processed.


A reality show crew should have taped us last night. Ratings would have been super high, and people would have laughed and laughed. Ted took scraps into the trailer, and Bitsy went right in there. Dixie took a few seconds of coaxing because she just didn’t like that ramp, but she went in, too.  When Ted tried to shut the trailer door though, it was stuck!   The trailer had somehow settled a little over the week, and it was resting against the gate post too much and wouldn’t budge.


He ran for a piece of picket fence, and I ran for corn. I grabbed two big scoops on the trash can lid turned upside down, and I ran back and started pouring it. Sahara heard us yelling and came out, and I sent her running for the big bottle of beer to pour in for them.


Ted got the picket gate popped in there to hold them, and I shook corn between the trailer slats for them and dumped beer in the feed bowl.  For future reference,  PIGS LOVE BEER.  They also like to sneeze it back out all over me.

I ran to get his chainsaw to cut the gate post down, and he started on it. They kept happily eating and drinking beer.  If I’d been in that trailer and someone started a chainsaw up five feet behind me, I’d have shimmied up the trailer walls and flopped over the top to get away. Those two never budged.

Then the chainsaw chain broke! Ted was so mad. I ran and grabbed the big pry bar, and he was able to pull the post back enough that he got the trailer door shut. 

Then we had to hook the trailer to the truck and move it. Unfortunately,  he initially set it with the tractor last weekend which made the truck hitch higher than the trailer part! I think I moved the truck back and forth on the same inch of grass for thirty minutes before we got it in there correctly and could move it to the driveway. 

By that point, both kids were sitting on the porch steps watching us, and I’m pretty sure the neighbors thought we were nuts (seriously  – one INCH, back and forth, back and forth, for thirty minutes!).


We dropped them off at the processor’s this morning. I gave them two big beers before we left.  Dixie drank it from the bottle and sneezed beer foam all over me again.


If you see me/smell me today, please know I haven’t been drinking this early in the morning.  My pigs have, and they’re sloppy drunks!


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