I got shocked!

It finally happened after all this time: I got shocked on the electric fence.  I don’t even know how it happened because I’m extremely cautious around it. I think that it arced somehow, but Ted says that’s impossible. I’m not so sure he’s right.

I was adjusting Beef’s temporary fencing because he’d scooted his water trough under it and couldn’t reach it. That made the top wire slack so I was near the permanent fence to set his step in posts in a better spot to make his wire taut, and it felt like something hit me in the arm and chest. I honestly thought Bindi had kicked me through the fence, but I realized when I whirled around that she wasn’t near me, and it must have been the fence.

My bicep curled, my chest felt like it was having twitches, and my ear drum was ringing.  It cleared my sinuses, too. 



Somehow, I don’t think Martha Stewart gets shocked by electric fencing on her farm.  I am putting a checkmark on today’s Year of Martha calendar.  I got the crap shocked out of me, and I think that should count as a completed day with a GOLD STAR!!!

I think this fits today perfectly from the Tao of Martha : “Wipe it up and suck it up. You’re fine; it’s fixed: move on.”

That’s true. It still hurts like the devil though!!!

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