Work smarter, not harder

Sahara rescued school library books that were destined for the trash (Yes! I gasped, too, when she told me any left on the carts were being thrown out to make room for newer ones!).


We whittled the pile down by giving some away.  STILL THOUGH: This was setting in the garage for a week while I figured out what to do with them.

While cleaning that week, I used the computer chair to hold my cleaners, broom, and catch the stray toys, etc. (stay with me – this relates to the book basket), and I thought, “Wow! I need a housekeeping cart like hotels use!”


Have you ever priced a housekeeping cart? The sticker shock will be your aerobic cardiac workout for the day!


After regaining consciousness,  I searched Amazon for a wire rolling cart. Success!!!


It arrived in just two days (gotta love Amazon Prime!) I snapped it together easily, and it’s going to be great for my housekeeping needs.


I also ordered a little trash basket with it which fits perfectly on one side.  I duct taped a big piece of PVC pipe to the end to hold my broom, and I’m set!

Oh – the books I mentioned in the opening paragraph went on the bookshelf I was using before this to hold cleaning supplies.

It was a win-win situation!

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