Big moving day!

This is a big day for the older chicks! They’re graduating from the broody house to the big coop! They’re seven weeks old now and ready for the move.

Usually, we do the move at night so when the older birds wake up, the littles are already in there, just like they’re part of the flock. I’ve found over the years that putting new birds in with the existing flock at night results in the least amount of picking and pecking (there will be a small amount of that though as the pecking order gets reestablished).  They get their own roosting spot although some of the more friendly hens will just move over to make way for some of the brave little ones.


Today, though, they had to be moved during the day.  They were almost literally standing on top of each other and the little chicks in the broody house.


Ted built a walkway from our big coop to the fenced area which is about 1/4 of an acre.


Using the old coop and already fenced area made more sense financially than fencing in the entire back yard. 


Best of all, we only had to buy hinges, a lock, and a couple of pieces of chain so this cost under $20 (compared to the several hundred doing new fencing would have cost)!


The chicks are so used to us that we just picked them up from near our feet. Only the young roosters carried on when he picked them up. Ted clipped their wings and put them in the new area. The older hens really don’t care about the new ones; they’re still figuring out the new side of the coop is open.


Some of our chicks are just gorgeous. Look at this one. She looks like an eagle!


            Puppers photobombing….



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