We can’t get enough of the baby!!!

We’re trying to be respectful of Bessie and her new baby (still unnamed), and we’re trying to give them space, but it’s JUST.SO.HARD! 

Ted checked on her this morning while I worked. Bessie doesn’t want us to touch her so she puts herself between us and the baby.

Gramma checked on her from across the field.


Jake and I walked up there and checked on her this afternoon.


My daughter in law, Morgan, is just gorgeous!  I’m going to frame this felfie (farm selfie) she took.

Morgan checked on her late this afternoon.

I’ve decided Bessie is getting moved Friday. I’ve got to get her and the calf down where I can keep a closer eye on them without traipsing across three acres (one way) or using binoculars. I also want to start getting Bessie used to us being around them a LOT, and I need to start milking her soon once a day to establish our routine.


Plus…I really just need my baby fix more often!

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