Learning to love it here

The piglets are adjusting well here.  They've finally learned that I come bearing treats every time I bisit, and Dixie (spotted one) is letting me scratch her head and ears while she eats now.     Bitsy and Dixie at supper time Bitsy, however, still gives growling grunts when I reach toward her, but she will … Continue reading Learning to love it here

What is it???

Oh no! Do I have chicken pox or measles? Nope. Oh no! What happened to Cooper?                       Nothin'. What is it then?  Wellllll.....                       TADA! This is the next step in getting ready for the next big step around the farm! I'm still not telling what it is, but there will be a post on … Continue reading What is it???

This week’s to do list

Last week's list: 1. Get an estimate on building onto the barn.  Had a contractor measure - should receive the estimate soon! 2.  Get the water department to mark the tap and schedule them to put it in before the end of October. Moved to this week 3.  Clean the chicken coop. I finished this … Continue reading This week’s to do list

Something’s coming soon…

Ted's been hard at work the past three weekends. He's prepping for our next adventure on the farm. We're getting ready to add to the farm and expand our knowledge base. It's exciting, knowing what we're hoping to achieve and knowing were starting the journey now. I'll share what it is on October 25th!  For … Continue reading Something’s coming soon…