Learning to love it here


The piglets are adjusting well here.  They’ve finally learned that I come bearing treats every time I bisit, and Dixie (spotted one) is letting me scratch her head and ears while she eats now.


    Bitsy and Dixie at supper time

Bitsy, however, still gives growling grunts when I reach toward her, but she will accept scratches from a long stick if I’m holding it. I figure if I break the tip off the scratch stick every day so I can get a little closer every day, I should be able to touch her in about two weeks. Ha!  Ingenuity at its finest.



I gave them a pumpkin today (Thank you, Becky, for grabbing that from trunk or treat before it hit the garbage!), and they had so much fun with it. They rolled it all around the pen, standing on it, biting and licking it, etc.


The dogs are fascinated by the pigs.  Cooper is so matter of fact about them (he just tends to go with the flow). Smidge, DG, and Puppers want in that pen with them until Dixie or Bitsy move toward them, and then those dogs hightail it out of there like the devil himself is on their heels. LOL



The cats, however, are not impressed.  Mickey is downright peeved about the whole thing!

I posted a cute video today on the Striving Acres Facebook page of the piglets playing with the pumpkin. Their little noises are too cute!  I may have a problem sending them to freezer camp…don’t tell Ted…

For the record, they have access to a huge grassy fenced area during the daytime. They just don’t use it much for some reason! I think they’re having fun rooting around in the dirt where they are enclosed and feel somewhat safe from the cats.  I think they know Mickey is plotting against them.  Look at his face and tell me that’s not the face of a feline plotter! 

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