New life for an old piece

In August, I was part of a big group yardsale. My town has a couple of Facebook local groups, and one decided to have a group sale. It was fantastic! The weather was beautiful, and there were lots of people shopping and walking all around the parking lot where we set up.

I went with the intent of decluttering only, but then I saw THIS:


These folks set up next to my spot, and I was in love with that hutch! I kept eyeballing it all afternoon, but I kept telling myself no.

By the end of the day, I’d been over three times, discovered it was an antique piece over 75 years old, and it was solid maple!  Finally, her husband slashed the price because he didn’t want to have to drag it back home again.  It cost my yard sale earnings and a few dollars more, but


I spent less than $20 on it in cash out of pocket!  I found a real treasure!

After getting it home, I bought spray paint and started on it. I painted the bottom and drawers…and then it got dark so I set it in the garage. Then life got in the way, and the hutch top always fell to the bottom of my priority list.

I moved the bottom into the library room where it set for weeks, drawerless. It became a junk catch all for the kids’ stuff and anything that needed to go upstairs later. The hutch top was moved into the laundry room because I feared it would swell from the humidity due to excessive rain and high temps. 

I knew where it would go. I could see it in my mind’s eye, but I just didn’t have the time to spend several hours cleaning out my office (which somehow also became a junk pile!).  Then, Jake had a friend over, and Jake, Sahara, and John cleaned the porch for me in under an hour. I was inspired and had the kids clear off a bookshelf so I could move it down the hall, and then they helped me by mopping my office and getting the whole hutch together in there!


I was so motivated that I cleaned in there for about three hours, tossing papers and filing necessary items, organizing the bookshelves, etc. 


I love how this turned out!!!  It’s a little bare, but I am going to only add farm pieces that speak to me, so for now, it’s perfect!


And it only took me three months to get it in here…


Annnddd now I have to figure out where to put these items in the house!

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